Fitzpatrick-Leland House (1936)
Laurel Canyon
Los Angeles, 90046

Visitations are by appointment only.

The Fitzpatrick-Leland House commands a strong presence along the slope of Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Drive, as the three-story terraced scheme captures the eye with its interplay of protruding canopies beneath. Schindler’s subtle composition of interlocking volumes dominates the experience of interior spaces. 

The dramatic L-shaped home was originally commissioned by developer Clifton Fitzpatrick as a speculative house, a real estate promotion to attract buyers to the new housing tracts on the hill. Following numerous changes of proprietors and various modifications Schindler’s architecture would scarcely be recognizable today, had it not been acquired by Russ Leland in 1990 who, working with architect/contractor Jeff Fink, restored the building and recovered much of its original design. Through his efforts, Leland successfully recaptured the spirit of Schindler’s vision. In 2007, he donated the building and property to the MAK Center, insuring its legacy as a historically significant work of architecture.


The home’s light-filled spaces and expansive grounds provide an ideal setting for residency and small-scale programs. From 2008-10 the Fitzpatrick-Leland House served as a base for the MAK Center’s Urban Future Initiative (UFI), a fellowship program in which cultural thinkers from diverse nations entered into dialogue about urban space with Los Angeles scholars and practitioners. Since then, the MAK Center has dedicated the house to small-scale events and the lodging of international cultural researchers visiting Los Angeles for artistic and scholarly pursuits.

The Fitzpatrick-Leland House is available to visit by appointment only, please call (323) 651-1510 for more information.

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Designers-In-Residence at the Fitzpatrick-Leland House
(Residency postponed to 2022 due to COVID-19.)

Tuesday, June 1 – Sunday, October 31, 2021 | Pettersen & Hein, June 1 – July 31, 2021 | Chris Halstrøm, September 2 – October 31, 2021

The MAK Center is pleased to announce the MAK Center Designers-in-Residence Program at the Fitzpatrick-Leland House, in collaboration with the Danish Art Foundation. The program is the newest addition to the MAK Center’s illustrious history of international residencies; to date, the MAK Center has hosted 50 groups of international residents in the Artist and Architects in Residence Program at the Mackey Apartments.

The Designers-in-Research Residency awards fully sponsored residencies to two designers or design studios annually. Residencies of two to three months are situated in a live-work environment, fully supported by travel stipends, studio space, housing, and a network of creative practitioners and thinkers.

One of the most important attitudes of the MAK Center program is that artistic experimentation requires deep engagement and reflection, with the explicit purpose of supporting and investing in individuals at the cutting edge of their fields whose work will impact the cultural landscape at large. This research-based residency invites emergent designers across an interdisciplinary field to engage with Los Angeles as a site of research and dialogue, in order to heighten their work to the next level of exploration and experimentation. The residency program is particularly important in this respect because it presents young designers with the opportunity to develop new projects linked not only to Schindler’s experimental work but also to the histories and context of Los Angeles. Recipients of awards are encouraged to participate in the activities of the Schindler House, attend programs and events, and engage with larger art and design communities of Los Angeles.

The 2021 Designers-in-Residence are awarded to:
Pettersen & Hein
Chris Halstrøm

About the Designers

Pettersen & Hein consists of Lea Hein (born 1981) and Magnus Pettersen (born 1983). Magnus Pettersen graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. Lea Hein graduated from Högskolan för design och kunsthantverk in Gothenburg in 2014.The Danish/Norwegian duo’s material of choice is often pigmented concrete, steel and iron. Their installations, sculptures and semi-functional pieces have been exhibited at galleries and museums around the world.

Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm (born 1977, Denmark) established her studio in 2007 after graduating from The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen with prior studies in Stockholm, Sweden and Berlin, Germany. In 2017 Halstrøm received the Three Year Work grant from The Danish Arts Foundation / Statens Kunstfond. Halstrøm is interested in working with familiarity, openness and anonymity as topics in order to create new expressions and purposes for objects. She applies this interest whether working with companies such as Skagerak and Design Within Reach, clients for interior projects, or with objects for exhibitions. In addition to running her own studio, Halstrøm is part of the duo INCLUDED MIDDLE together with textile designer Margrethe Odgaard.

This residency is made possible with support from the Danish Arts Foundation.