Residency Program

The Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program at the Mackey Apartments is a six-month residency hosted twice annually.

The residence program welcomes a small group of international artists and architects to live and work in Los Angeles. Offering long-term support to projects working at the intersection of architecture and the visual arts, the residency aims to create new interdisciplinary opportunities and confrontations. The residency culminates in a final group project presentation at the Mackey Apartments Garage Top. Initiated in October 1995, this unique program is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service, and Sport in cooperation with the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna. Each spring, an international jury convenes in Vienna to select eight projects as well as two alternates per group. To date, the MAK Center has hosted 50 groups of international residents.

Current Residents

The artists and architects for Group L (October 2021 – March 2022) are Emilija Škarnulytė, Julia Obleitner, Helvijs Savickis, and Manuel Gorkiewicz.

Emilija Škarnulytė
Julia Obleitner
Helvijs Savickis
Manuel Gorkiewicz

Mackey Apartments

Each resident is given an apartment in the R.M. Schindler-designed Mackey Apartments in the Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles.

Final Projects

Residents receive a monthly stipend and the support of the MAK Center staff to facilitate their research and projects. Completed works are presented to the public towards the end of each residency period through exhibition and public programming at the Mackey Apartments Garage Top. 

Final Projects: Group L

1137 S Cochran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

How to Apply?

Residencies are awarded to independent projects exploring the relation between art and architecture. Projects are chosen according to their ability to: critically examine current trends in art, architecture, and society; make a compelling connection with Los Angeles as the place of implementing or continuing the applicant’s own work; and demonstrate a conceptual and experimental approach. Critical emphasis is placed on projects reliant on the location of the residency in Los Angeles as a primary location for critical activity in art, architecture, and urban theory. Residents’ projects often reflect, incorporate, and address specific facets of the city and its social fabric. 

Residency terms run from October to March, and from April to September. The deadline for applications is in early March. Recipients are encouraged to participate in the activities of the MAK Center as well as attend meetings, workshops and project discussions with other artists and students.

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Past Residents

The residency program has a distinguished list of over 200 alumni and has included participants from Austria, Bulgaria, China, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the UK, and elsewhere.

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MAK Center Archive

The MAK Center Archive is an online database featuring the work of all artists and architects who have participated in the residency program. The website serves as an adjunct to the physical MAK Center Archive, located at the Mackey Apartments and available to researchers by appointment.

The physical archive not only catalogues the work of the Artists and Architects-in-Residence, but collects materials related to all programming held at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles, as well as at the MAK Vienna. The archive includes ephemera, catalogues, photography, video, audio and digital documentation.