Restoring the Schindler House

The Schindler House, designed by modernist architect and Viennese émigré Rudolph M. Schindler as his house and studio in 1922, is owned and maintained by the Friends of the Schindler House (FOSH). Since 1994 the Schindler House has been operated by the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, running a multidisciplinary contemporary and experimental program in the spirit of R.M.Schindler. In view of the upcoming centennial, FOSH is operating a fundraising campaign for sustaining the Schindler House and will stage a series of FOSH fundraising events at the Kings Road House, while the MAK Center continues its efforts to fundraise for operations and programming. All funds generated through FOSH events go directly to FOSH towards the urgently needed conservation of the house.

If you are interested in supporting the restoration of the Schindler House, please visit here for more info.