MAK Architecture Tour 2005

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835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

As part of programming related to the publication of Schindler by MAK, the MAK Architecture Tour focused specifically on R.M. Schindler, and included an array of relevant houses: Walker House (R.M. Schindler 1936), Wilson House (R.M. Schindler, 1935-38), Yates Studio (R.M. Schindler, 1938-47), Silvertop (John Lautner, 1957), Tierman House (Gregory Ain, 1939), Bubeshko Apartments (R.M. Schindler, 1938 and 1941), Schlessinger House (R.M. Schindler, 1952) and the Elliot House (R.M. Schindler, 1930). The day concluded with a cocktail reception at the Wolff House in Sherman Oaks (R.M. Schindler, 1938).