The Garage Project

  • Exhibition

1137 S Cochran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

An exhibition of artist’s projects featuring works by Liz Larner, Paul McCarthy, Peter Kogler, and Heimo Zobernig, presented in the garages behind the Mackey Apartments. Liz Larner presented, The Century Plant (Agave Americana). The placement of this trace of L.A.’s lost landscape in the midst of an abandoned garage transformed the space into a symbolic vision of a park or garden and integrated it into today’s living space. Paul McCarthy’s Diagnosis and Dissection utilized the garage as a creepy mini-theater, Peter Kogler’s Schindler Discotheque transformed one of the garages into a disco by means of a pull-out curtain construction that expanded the space. Heimo Zobernig’s No Title turned the garage into a practical, aesthetic, and metaphorical space for the automobile.