The Entire Situation: An Installation by Erin Besler

  • Exhibition

1137 S Cochran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Holding a place in architectural practice as a particular type of model, mock-ups are typically executed at one-to-one scale with “actual” building materials. Though the origins of the term might suggest otherwise, a mock-up is constructed to be of utmost veracity. It is staged as a site to test ideas, to compare, verify and refute physical fact. This exhibition presented mock-ups of walls built in the Mackey Garage Top to suggest that material thickness is the site of an architectural problem where multiple forms of knowledge meet.

About the Artist

Erin Besler was born in Chicago, Illinois. She holds a B.Arch from Yale University and a M.Arch from SCI-Arc. She is currently Faculty at UCLA in the Department of Architecture and Urban Design where she was the 2013-2014 Teaching Fellow. She is the recipient of the AIA Henry Adams Medal and a Thesis Award for her project Low Fidelity. She has worked for Tigerman-McCurry Architects in Chicago and for First Office and Zago Architecture in Los Angeles. Erin’s work has been presented and exhibited in Beijing, Los Angeles, Paris, and San Francisco with forthcoming publications in FutureAnterior and San Rocco. Occasionally she collaborates with Ian Besler, a Post-Graduate Media Design Fellow at Art Center College of Design.

The Entire Situation was the culmination of the 2013-2014 Teaching Fellowship at UCLA, and the project was supported by the Department of Architecture and Urban Design.