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10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Zoom Webinar

The MAK Center for Art and Architecture is pleased to present an artist talk between participating artist duos from the exhibition Autonomous Design: Cecilie Bendixen and Sophus Ejler Jepsen, and Casey Baden and Kenneth Yuen of Full Service Creative, moderated by Director Jia Yi Gu.

Cecilie Bendixen and Sophus Ejler Jepsen’s project TENTATIVE CONCRETE experiments with new sculptural techniques in concrete using textile formwork, which subsequently became a durational performance of translation and construction between the Copenhagen-based artists and their Los Angeles counterparts. Two concrete installations were constructed and installed over seven weeks, one in the backyard of the Schindler House and the other in the artists’ own garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each week, Bendixen and Jepsen shared haptic and tactile instructions with Casey Baden and Kenneth Yuen of Full Service Creative, who interpreted and built the concrete and burlap structures, a trademark of Bendixen’s practice in the backyard of the Schindler House in Los Angeles. Visitors were invited to view the fabrications in real time, every Saturday from 11am – 3pm, between May 1st to June 12, 2021. This transatlantic conversation will explore the transformation of a site-specific work, where originally the presence of the artists was necessary and contingent to production, evolved in response to the climate crisis, and led to the intentional displacement of the artists from the site and the work itself, all while advancing the experimental techniques developed by Bendixen and Jepsen in their collaborative practice.

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Artist Bio

Cecilie Bendixen, Sophus Ejler Jepsen (b. 1975, 1971) are a collaborative duo. Cecilie Bendixen is an artist and architect drawn to natural phenomena. She poetically explores the way in which essential dynamics can be captured by her sculptures through different materials and methods. Sophus Ejler Jepsen works with concrete in a landscape- and vegetation-sensitive process, applying the improvisational construction principles of the adventure playground (building-playground) to the formwork and in-situ casting.

Full Service Creative is an artist-run custom fabrication shop and project space founded and operated by Casey Baden and Kenneth Yuen located in Commerce, California. Full Service Creative centers on collective contribution, where Baden and Yuen bring a range of original projects for artists, creatives, and arts institutions to fruition, providing the design, problem solving, and building services required for each unique vision. Their projects span a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, concrete, fiber, drywall, video projection, and beyond, resulting in original works of art, sculpture armatures, stretched canvases, performance platforms, studio and exhibition furniture, lofts, and other construction. As artists, Baden and Yuen are interested in making and context. Baden focuses on the emotional, bodily, and domestic space through “craft-based practices”, and Yuen works with more sweeping historical and cultural frameworks, concentrating on sculpture.