sound. at the Schindler House 2002: Third Annual Summer Concert Series

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835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

The annual series of experimental concerts performed in the outdoor courtyard of the Schindler House included:

June 28 and 29:

These two evenings of early works by Cage marked a return of the music of Cage, once a guest in the Schindler House, to the grounds of the House and included a little-known work, Composition for Three Voices, dedicated to Schindler’s wife, Pauline. Selected by James Tenney, the works performed marked the coincidence of several Cage anniversaries: the 50th anniversary of the seminal work 4′ 33″ performed in 1952, the 90th anniversary of Cage’s birth, and the 10th anniversary of his death.

Friday, June 28th:
Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano
played by James Tenney

Saturday, June 29th:
Early Works: 1933-1950

Including “Composition for Three Voices” (dedicated to Pauline Schindler);
Nocturne for Violin and Piano, with Mark Menzies, violin, and James Tenney, piano;
String Quartet in Four Parts played by CalArts faculty and students; “Credo in US” ; and
In a Landscape and Dream with dancer/choreographers Deborah Cohen and Simone Forti

July 27:
(Sound within the Context)

A performance designed for the grounds of the Schindler House featuring Anita Pace (choregraphy:projection), Tom Recchion (tapes, samples, homemade instruments), Liz Young (performance), Vetza (vocals, cello), and Tom Shepard (shakuhachi, flute, saxophone).

(SOUND WITHIN THE CONTEXT) combined the unique structure and grounds of the Schindler House with the dense sound textures of the Chopped Optigan to create an improvised performance environment. About (SOUND WITHIN THE CONTEXT) Potts writes “The Optigan will play a loop based pattern of sounds which will slowly evolve over a two hour period. During the two hours the other performers will present corresponding works simultaneously in other areas of the house and garden. The audience can move through the space and experience subtle, continually shifting juxtapositions in the audio and visual environment.”

August 24:

Nak Won and other recent sample-based works for solo laptop computer

September 20 and 21:
Interstellar Space Revisited

The seminal John Coltrane & Rashied Ali duo suite revisited in its entirety with guitar and drums;
An official event of the World Festival of Sacred Music – Los Angeles.