SHOWDOWN! at the Schindler House

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835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

SHOWDOWN! at the Schindler House, a fashion program organized with Fritz Haeg of Sundown Salon. This multi-phased presentation brought together an array of artists, architects, designers, musicians, and performers to explore and present current frontiers of fashion. The highlight of SHOWDOWN! was a spectacular runway show held on a catwalk designed and built by the Los Angeles office of Vienna-based architecture firm COOP HIMMELB(L)AU. Project architects were former MAK Center Architect-in-Residence Christoph Kumpusch and Karoline Schmidtbauer. SHOWDOWN! designers cited a multiplicity of inspirations, including flags, architecture, the natural environment, politics, native garments of the Philippines, and the movement of flying insects. Materials ranged from the finest Thai silks to paper, plastics and recycled old clothes, and methodologies were as high-tech as aeronautic laser cutting and as down-home as the stapler and Handy Stitch.

Related Event: Runway Show, October 22 & 23, 2004. A spectacular runway show, held on a catwalk designed and built by the Los Angeles office of Vienna-based architecture firm Coop Himmelb(l)au. Designed to accommodate audiences on both sides of the Schindler House and to maximize views, the catwalk featured sculptural two-story stair towers. Presenting 75 pieces produced by 20 participants, the show incorporated sound, music, light, spoken word and architecture. Participants included Andrew Andrew; Bon & Ging; Ingrid Bromberg & Blain Kennedy; Dioscuri; Escher GuneWardena Architects; Feral Childe; Fugue / Andrea Lenardin Madden and Raegan Kelly; Gizmo; L.A. Eyeworks; Liz Larner; Claudia Rosa Lukas; Michael Mahalchick; Elena Manferdini; Tina Marrin; My Barbarian; Renée Petropoulos; Jessica Rath with Millie Wilson; Ujein; We Are Lucid Dreaming; Wooden Moustache; and Amy Yao. Live music was by Giles Miller’s Shifty Disco Band.

My Barbarian vs. Feral Childe, October 30, 2004. Performance at the Schindler House. On the Chace side of the house, My Barbarian presented Nightmarathon 3: Web of the Ultimate, a tangled musical legend that read the Schindler House like a modern Da Vinci Code. On the Schindler side of the house, Feral Childe presented its latest collection, Kung Fu Shek, set up a mosh pit for Baby Dingo Derby and presented live music by Butterknife Krüsh.

 Michael Mahalchick, November 4, 2004. Performance at the Schindler House. Much as fashion cannibalizes styles from earlier eras, Mahalchick’s Frankenstein-ish creations brought old clothes back from the dead. At the Schindler House, the artist orchestrated an invasion by an army of zombies, guest performers and the artist himself.