Routine Pleasures – Book Launch and Discussion

  • Panel Discussion
7 PM

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Curator Michael Ned Holte in conversation with James Benning, Edward Sterrett, and Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer

Routine Pleasures was an exhibition at the Schindler House this past summer that brought together artists working in a variety of media to explore “the termite tendency,” a concept introduced by artist and film critic Manny Farber (1917–2008) in his 1962 essay “White Elephant Art vs. Termite Art.” Whereas the original essay applied these labels to the work of filmmakers, exhibition organizer Michael Ned Holte found manifold parallels in contemporary art.

About the Book

The Routine Pleasures publication serves as an illustrated catalogue as well as a reader that further elaborates the exhibition’s thematic tracks, with a new essay by the curator, additional new scholarly essays by Julia Bryan-Wilson and Edward Sterrett, and several reprinted texts by participants in the exhibition James Benning, Pauline Oliveros, and Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer.

Featured are the works of James Benning; Jennifer Bornstein; Center for Land Use Interpretation; Harry Dodge; Manny Farber; Judy Fiskin; Magdalena Suarez Frimkess and Michael Frimkess; Galería Perdida; Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer; Simon Leung; Lucky Dragons; Roy McMakin; Carter Mull; Newspaper Reading Club; Pauline Oliveros; and Steve Roden.

Published by Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna
Edited by Michael Ned Holte
Designed by Mark Owens
224 pages, illustrated throughout
6.5 inches x 4 inches
On Sale for $15