Ramsey Alderson and Paul Levack & Sam Lipp: Apologia

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  • Salon
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

1137 S Cochran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

For the 3rd iteration of the Open House program hosted by architects-in-residence åyr at the Mackey Apartments, Chicago based artist Paul Levack (b.1992) and local gallerina Ramsey Alderson (b. 1917) will present new photographic works in the penthouse.

Apologia is a solo presentation in the Mackey garage and back yard by NYC based artist, Sam Lipp (b.1988): Angels on Earth depict Michael crying into a handkerchief during his last trial; Apology and Apology are colorful flags (possibly garments); Commons is a video featuring an image of Gaga and a video of Michael.

 Curated by architect-in-residence: Alessandro Bava 

Ramsey Alderson and Paul Levack 4-7pm

Sam Lipp, Apologia 7-9pm