Otto Neurath. Gypsy Urbanism

  • Exhibition

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

The exhibition Otto Neurath. Gypsy Urbanism reflected on the career of little-known Austrian sociologist Otto Neurath (1888-1945), a polymath whose intellectual and moral compass—forged in the embers of World War I—led him to predict the dramatic growth of the knowledge economy and to develop tools for a universal pictorial language. Ever in the interest of advancing participatory forms of democratic exchange, Neurath was by turn an academic, economic minister, housing administrator, museum director and philosopher of science. 

The exhibition, which presented the absorbing work of this critically engaged and passionate intellectual, was guest curated by architectural critic and theorist Nader Vossoughian. Loosely divided into three sections, the exhibition set the scene with artifacts and ephemera from Vienna’s Settler Movement of the 1920s, when Neurath initiated his public career. The centerpiece of the exhibition was a re-creation of works from Neurath’s Museum of Society and Economy, the major work of his life, through the utilization of 100 folio posters from original archives. Finally, the exhibition explored the impact of Neurath’s ideas in England, the USA, and beyond.