MARKINGS: Constructing Form through Drawing

  • Exhibition

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

An exhibition of works that employ the activity of drawing to generate space, form and time. The physical and material properties of these works on paper asserted an organic and indexical presence within the Schindler House, emphasizing the macro experience of the drawn mark and contrasting the dichotomy of the materials indoors and the views to the outdoors. Artists included Hanne Darboven, Caryl Davis, Gerald Giamportone, Amanda Guest and Nancy Rubins.

Related event

Hanne Darboven, Opus 17 A-B, Opus 18 A-B, April 6 & 7, 2002. Performed on double bass by Tom Peters. Hanne Darboven’s musical works have contributed to the legacy of avant-garde experimental music since the 1960s. Her minimalist scores for single instruments and small ensembles reflect the structure, repetition and numerical progression that are evident in her drawings. Darboven’s O.T. Portfolio, November 1971 – a series of the artist’s daily writings which mark out the month of November 1971 – was included in the exhibition Markings: Constructing Form through Drawing.