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  • Performance
Saturday: 4 pm Reading and performance
Sunday: 1-3:30 pm Writing workshop; 4 pm Feminestos and Open Mic

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069


It’s a celebration!
A book release!
A reading and performance!
A public writing workshop followed by an open mic! .
A two-day literary event celebrating 10 years of Les Figues Press and the
release of TrenchArt Monographs: hurry up please its time.


Dodie Bellamy, Allison Carter, Lily Hoang, Pam Ore, Frances Richard, Stephanie Taylor, Matias Viegener, and Janice Lee &Michael du Plessis performing the work of Sissy Boyd.

Writing workshops were facilitated by Allison Carter, Lily Hoang, Frances Richard, and Dodie Bellamy. Participation free and open to the public.