MAK Pool Party

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Celebrating Supporters of the MAK Center for Art and Architecture co-hosted with THIS X THAT featuring an installation by artist Paul Davies

Through members’ encouragement and engagement the MAK Center manages to create a cultural sanctuary, which the LA Times named “one of the city’s top ten places that nourish the soul.” With the Schindler House nearing its Centennial Celebration and the Fitzpatrick-Leland House’s recent designation as a public museum space, we’ve had the increasingly rare opportunity to grow in service of LA’s cultural community while maintaining our responsibility to its architectural past. 

The strength of this Support base is as crucial to the structure of the institution as the walls themselves. As we’ve restored our buildings and focused our mission, we’ve increased our outreach through an extended members’ events program, welcoming them into a special band of instigators, innovators, and provocateurs that make up the MAK Center family!

Special thanks to:
Ballast Point Brewing
Boxed Water
Jasmin Blasco
Miraval Provence