MAK Day 2013

  • MAK Day

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

UnforgettingLA: focus on women in architecture and design

For its annual community day, the MAK Center partnered with East of Borneo for their second Wikipedia edit-a-thon, focusing on architecture and design, and an emphasis on the many overlooked contributions that women have made to these fields. UnforgettingLA is an ongoing series focused on “unforgetting” underrepresented artists and other aspects of the city’s cultural history.

This particular meetup was inspired by last summer’s campaign to retroactively acknowledge architect Denise Scott Brown for her work in the 1991 Pritzker Prize awarded to her partner, Robert Venturi; a campaign which, in turn, sparked an inspiring essay, Unforgetting Women Architects: From the Pritzker to Wikipedia, arguing for the importance of online histories in correcting these oversights.

Exhibition walkthrough

Molly Corey, Frank Escher, and Andrea Lenardin-Madden, artists and architects in the exhibition A Little Joy of a Bungalow lead a walkthrough of the show.