MAK Day 2005: What Makes a Building Stay Alive?

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835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

On R.M. Schindler’s birthday, the MAK Center dedicated its free community day to presentations and discussions on the themes of contemporary life, architecture, preservation, and the future. Presentations were given by Peter Noever on the CAT project in Vienna; Chandler Ahrens on the MAK Center exhibition The Gen(h)ome Project; Alexis Rochas on 99% Aeroma, a prototype for an inflatable dwelling which was available for public interaction that afternoon; and Fritz Haeg on his project Edible Estates. Following the presentations were two panel discussions. The first focused on issues of architectural renovation, moderated by Mackey Apartments renovation architect John Hirsch of Space International. The second dealt with the current fashion of modernism and its implications. The topic was inspired by Thom Andersen, director of the acclaimed documentary LA Plays Itself (2003), and owner of Schindler’s Yates Studio.