Lobby in Rear

  • Residency Show
  • Salon

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

An experimental working space established by MAK Center Artists-in-Residence Kobe Matthys and Richard Hoeck. A garage behind the Mackey Apartments was turned into a “lobby” space for activities focusing on the use of architecture and urbanism. Lobby in Rear was open to the public Saturday afternoons as well as for special presentations.

Related Events

Rock Spaces at Lobby in Rear, November 3, 2001. Architect Marie-Paul MacDonald discusses her “rock spaces” (spaces for rock ’n’ roll), and reflects on the garage as a hybrid architectural space for garage bands.

DIY lo-fi electronic sounds, January 13, 2002. An evening of music with La Paz, L.A. hip-hop collective of two MCs and one DJ working from their garage recording studio; m.signe of the NY Soundlab collective mixing sounds from a lap-top and turn-tables; The Mountain Radio Project, site-specific live radio broadcasts on the FM dial with Retlaw Kedzu’s 100 watts of stereo from a self-built transmitter.