Light Pavilion

  • Exhibition

1137 S Cochran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

An exhibition at the Mackey Garage Top of construction drawings and in-process photographs of Lebbeus Woods’s and Christoph Kumpusch’s recent project, the Light Pavilion, under construction at the time in the Raffles City complex in Chengdu, China, by Steven Holl Architects. Created in collaboration with Kumpusch, the Light Pavilion is Woods’s first built piece of architecture. Inserted mid-level in the Steven Holl building, the Pavilion functions as a beacon of light and provides focus for the community. Intended as an entirely experimental space, the structure employs a dynamic geometry that contrasts with the more regular rectilinear lines surrounding it. The angular columns supporting stairs and viewing platforms set the spaces in motion, encouraging visitors to explore. These columns articulate the interior spaces and are illuminated from within, glowing with subtly changing color. Mirrored surfaces enclose the Pavilion, visually expanding the spaces infinitely.

Light Pavilion was presented with the support of the Austrian Consulate General in Los Angeles.