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835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Artists Raymond Pettibon and Jason Rhoades (Los Angeles) joined with Hans Weigand (Vienna) for the collaborative project LIFE/BOAT. Combining their interests in the banal, the imperfect, and the act of reinterpreting the world around them, Pettibon, Rhoades and Weigand employed a 34-foot yacht named Bust Loose as the platform for their interactions. Their exhibition at the Schindler House presented their explorations in video, film and performative activities, as well as a limited-edition catalogue and fine art multiple — the ASSAVER. After its initial launch at the MAK Center, LIFE/BOAT traveled to a group exhibition at the Kunsthalle in Vienna.

Related Events

Raymond Pettibon, Jason Rhoades and Hans Weigand in Discussion, May 3, 1999. Discussion featuring Raymond Pettibon, Jason Rhoades, and Hans Weigand on the subject of their collaboration, LIFE/BOAT, moderated by MAK Center Director Daniela Zyman and curator Russell Ferguson. Attendees to the discussion received a fresh fish wrapped in newspaper with their ticket purchase. The artists showed a videotape from the boat’s first operation.

Lunch, Sunday, August 15, 1999. Artists Jason Rhoades and Hans Weigand served a lunch of tuna salad sandwiches and Gatorade to guests. After lunch, Jason Rhoades offered a preview and demonstration of the ASSAVER and catalogue produced through the collaboration.