• Exhibition
  • Residency Show

1137 S Cochran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Four presentations by the MAK Center Artists and Architects-in-Residence.

Christine Gloggengiesser’s installation, Schleichendes Gift – Indetectable Poison, was attributed to her recent ability to drive a car, as well as to the depression and destruction of (auto)mobility.

G.R.A.M.’s Ford Dreamlover 1997, presented a classic 1970 Ford Galaxie, repainted like a child’s toy, and videos shot at local automobile shows.

Schlegel/Teckert’s Fleeting Intrusions No. 1, took the viewer/voyeur/flâneur from the Mackey Apartments into the city of Los Angeles and back, blending actual sites of experience with cinematic locations to expose the city’s different time layers that contribute to its physical and mental form.

Nicole Six’s Sports placed the artist as the reference point, both as markswoman and target, in the ordered system of the shooting range.