Incipit Vita Nova

  • Panel Discussion

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

A book presentation and panel discussion about Incipit Vita Nova, featuring author Ben G. Fodor and Sylvère Lotringer, moderated by Dorothee Frank

About the Book

Incipit Vita Nova (Berlin: Kerber, 2015) is an artist’s book on an essential contemporary theme: the role of utopias. A project which has taken shape over years, Incipit Vita Nova grapples with the issue of new idealistic orientations, starting with the ‘old’, in some cases failed 20th-century utopias as crystallized in structures and monuments. Semi-fictional architectural models correspond to photographic works and drawings on masonry, which resemble archaeological finds. Connections between ‘left’ and ‘right’ totalitarianisms of the past and current excesses of the ‘plutocracy’ are extensively articulated in an artistic format – including through the book design developed by the artist himself.

Text by Sylvère Lotringer and Georg Schöllhammer.