In Between: Art and Architecture - Part 3

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Greater Los Angeles

IN BETWEEN: OUTDOORS offered site-specific sculpture and sound installations by Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Jorge Pardo, and Steve Roden on the grounds of the Schindler House. IN BETWEEN: METROPOLIS invited artists from each phase of the three-part exhibition In Between: Art and Architecture to create and host a tour of Los Angeles-area sites. Metropolis examined how the subjective perception of location, unique to Los Angeles, shapes personal topography. Tours were led by animation artist Maureen Selwood (All the Places I Have Ever Lived, July 21, 2001), artist Sam Durant, and painter and sound artist Steve Roden.

Related Event

Sam Durant: South of Here, August 4, 2001. Using R.M. Schindler’s Bethlehem Baptist Church (1944) as both a literal and thematic point of departure, the chartered tour, lead by Sam Durant, visited South Los Angeles sites along Central Avenue, examining how the nature of community is reflected in the public spaces and histories of this changing environment. On the tour: The Bethlehem Baptist Church (1944), Pueblo del Rio Public Housing (1941-2), The Dunbar Hotel (1928) and 5112-5595 The Village Green (1942).