Final Projects: Group XXXII

  • Residency Show

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

An exhibition by the MAK Center Artists and Architects-in-Residence.

Artist Peter Fritzenwallner presented The California Ark, a multi-part installation in both the house and grounds of the Schindler House that aimed to investigate objects as related to site, and site as related to history. Greeting Schindler House visitors from the sidewalk was his sculptural reference to the beautiful mosaic fountain that once stood in the inner courtyard of Irving Gill’s famous Dodge House (1916, destroyed 1970), placed underneath a California oak tree that was recently preserved by the City of West Hollywood.

Jae Rhim Lee’ s The Infinity Burial Project, “a modest proposal for an alternative postmortem option which promotes and facilitates the process of corpse decomposition and toxin remediation,” expanded Lee’s work from art, into both the environmental technology and funerary industries. The project featured the training of existing edible mushrooms to decompose and remediate toxins in human tissue and explored the relationship between death denial and environmental degradation in our postmortem practices.

Architects Gregor Holzinger, Florian Schafschetzy and Eva Sommeregger rigorously documented and simulated the car traveler’s experience of moving through the infrastructural landscapes of the American West. This skewed and sped-up experience was recreated in their installation inside the Schindler House house and in the driveway, designed to allow viewers to select different points of focus as they “traveled” through locations like Rio Vista, a failed exuburban development where streets, sewers, and signage are all in place – but buildings are absent, still waiting to be developed.

Beginning with the question of “What does one go through to come to Los Angeles from elsewhere and become an actor?” Borjana Ventzislavova produced American Dream Acting, a video work that functioned as a portrait of the film industry’s newcomers, shot in and presented in two of L.A.’s different architectural icons (Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House #22 and the Schindler House), both of which play unique roles in L.A. mythology.