Final Projects: Group XI - RAIN

  • Residency Show
unoccupied storefront, Wilshire Boulevard
5410 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

An exhibition by the MAK Center Artists and Architects-in-Residence.

Siggi Hofer presented Americans, an installation of architectural models and collages on paper.

Susanne Jirkuff examined consumer culture in her video work, exploring how the pervasive effects of mass media and consumerism, accelerated by globalization, erase national and regional distinctions from our individual identities.

Partners Lisa Schmidt-Colinet and Alexander Schmoeger presented subVERSION in L.A., an exploration of the relationship between a city’s architecture and its narratives. This project examined the ways in which myth has influenced actual space in the city. Using the missing letters “LAND” from the original Hollywood-Land sign, the architects inverted a one-to-one model of the sign to create a condensed topography of the cityscape within the gallery space.

Florian Zeyfang’s work in video critically addressed the euphoric, even utopian, expectations generated by technology. Using deliberately low-tech means, Zeyfang’s video for RAIN considered how digitalization and computer animation had increased the expectations of film audiences for perfection, both visual and metaphorical.