Flowers for Pauline

  • Salon

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Flowers, plants and the landscape were an important part of life at the Schindler House (1922), as evidenced in photographs recording the evolutions of the house and surrounding garden. While neither Rudolph nor Pauline Schindler ever traveled to Japan, it has often been noted that the house and garden evokes a Japanese sensibility in materials, proportions, and atmosphere. Further comparisons have been made between the diagonal compositions of Japanese woodcuts and R.M. Schindler’s architectural renderings. Following the circuitous connections between the Schindlers and Japan, Sogetsu LA offered a tribute in flowers and bamboo to the original inhabitants of the house.

Los Angeles Sogetsu teacher Haruko Takeichi led the design and construction of a bamboo sculpture in the front garden. An exhibition of Ikebana installations by local practitioners was staged throughout the house. Local Sogetsu teachers, including architect Ravi GuneWardena, conducted the Ikebana demonstrations.