Femme Methodologies: A Tea Party

  • Performance

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Reenactment and historic architectural sites have a long and tangled history, which was the starting point for Cake and Eat It’s contribution to Plan your visit. Tea parties, costume balls, and other such societal events presented in period dress can be found across the country intending to activate a specific historical (and spectacle) context for visitors to various architectural time capsules. With Pauline Schindler’s political salons being a well-documented fixture of life at Kings Road in the 1920s, Cake and Eat It here considered the complications of ‘reenacting’ events that only took place because of their direct response to life in Los Angeles at the time.

Femme Methodologies consisted of two events over the continuing run of the exhibition. Each emphasized the shifting of focus that occurred through Schindler’s hosting-from the built spaces of the Kings Road House to how those spaces were performed-and seek ways to use tropes of historic reenactment (specifically the tea party) for today’s radical organizing.