Book Release Party: The Sundown Salon Unfolding Archive

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835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

For six years, artist Fritz Haeg opened his geodesic dome residence on Sundown Drive in Los Angeles to events, happenings, gatherings, meetings, pageantry, performances, shows, stunts and spectacles. This special artist’s book, printed as one long accordion-fold paper, documents those thrity Sundown Salon events and shares participants’ reflections on their experiences, the idea of salons and the nature of viewing and making art communally at home.

The unfurling of the book at the MAK Center, done on a 150-foot table running the length of the Schindler House driveway, marked its first viewing. Local artists and performers John Barlog & John Burtle, Body City, Hawkwind Screenprinting, John P. Hogan, Hot Knives, and L.A. Fog led activities and performances throughout the afternoon, each stationed in tents located around the Schindler House gardens. Periodically throughout the afternoon, contributors to the book, including Trinie Dalton, Ken Ehrlich, and Matias Viegener, read passages from their stories and essays about the Sundown Salon events.