Screening and Discussion with Renée Green at Ooga Booga #2 / 356 S. Mission Rd.

  • Screening
Ooga Booga #2 / 356 S. Mission Rd.
356 S. Mission Road
Los Angeles 90033

To mark the last week of Renée Green’s exhibition Begin Again, Begin Again at the MAK Center at the Schindler House, the full-length version of Green’s title film was screened, completing the exhibition production. A conversation between Green and poet Fred Moten focused on the MAK Center exhibition, the film, and­—prompted by Green’s recent book of selected writings, Other Planes of There—the role of language, writing, and poetry in her artistic output.

About the film

Begin Again, Begin Again is a meditation on propulsive drives of live organisms, including humans, a probing passage through forms of inhabiting, occupying, and myriad sensations and perceptions that flow through the process of staying alive. Questions of configurations, architectures, and spaces emerge in relation to people and subjectivities that exist in the world: What is inherited and what is made, gained, lost, and transmuted through time, amid change and migrations, amid contestation, repetition and difference, or imagined as utopian, even when violent?  What efforts do live creatures exert to begin again?

Begin Again, Begin Again is a reflection on living and dying during the span of the 128 years between 1887 to 2015, as well as on perceptions of places on earth, including the cities of Vienna and Los Angeles, amid many “elsewheres.” The architect R.M. Schindler is invoked via his 1912 Manifesto, Modern Architecture: A Program, written before Schindler moved permanently in 1914 from Vienna to begin life in America, where he developed his Space Architecture. Yet the numbered pronouncements are interrupted by another consciousness’ musings on the strangeness of survival.

Begin Again, Begin Again is an atmospheric and mysterious passage through time, space and place, considering space both as an ideal and as a medium with unexpected consequences.