Architecture and Revolution: Escuelas Nacionales de Arte en La Habana

  • Exhibition

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

An exhibition of photographs and drawings featuring the long-forgotten architectural landmarks of the Cuban revolution, the Cuban National Art Schools. Curated by the MAK Center and co-sponsored by the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum and Columbia University, symposia were presented in Los Angeles and New York City with exhibitions running concurrently at the MAK Center and Avery Hall. Featuring both historical and contemporary photographs and blueprints, the exhibition opened with a preview reception for the architects who designed the schools, Vittorio Garratti, Roberto Gottardi and Ricardo Porro.

Related Events

Symposium: Architecture and Revolution, March 8, 1999. This symposium gathered together for the first time in 30 years the three architects of the Cuban National Art Schools (1961-1965) – Vittorio Garatti, Roberto Gottardi and Ricardo Porro – in conversation with John Loomis, author of Revolution of Forms, Cuba’s Forgotten Art Schools (Princeton Architectural Press, 1999). Adolfo Nodal from the Department of Cultural Affairs for the City of Los Angeles, gave an introduction, and Peter Noever, Director of the MAK Vienna, hosted the evening. Hansel Hernandez-Navarro, Researcher at the Getty Conservation Institute, acted as translator.

The Architectural Evolution and Revolution of Havana, Cuba from 1961-65, March 10, 1999. An audiovisual presentation by Paolo Gasparini, the Venezuelan architectural photographer who documented the Escuelas Nacionales at the time of their construction. In The Architectural Evolution and Revolution of Havana, Gasparini presented music and slides of his work and interpreted Havana’s social and architectural history.