Analog: Among Nations (Mostly) by Renée Petropoulos

  • Performance

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Performed by five women, this piece was a sound work composed of spoken word, recorded songs, voice, and various other composed recordings both found and created. Image, color, and projected text used the architecture of the Schindler House as the frame for the performance and the improvisation occurring within. 

The work considered national anthems, a form of music that Petropoulos described as heralding the exhibition of strength and power while also creating a willingness to go to the limit for one’s ‘love’. Her interest was in the didactic and emotional elements inherent to anthems, which not only prompt fervor and allegiance (with the undercurrent of militaristic pomp), but also reflect individual and group passions. Petropoulos transcribed and recorded various voices describing, singing, and remembering pasts and histories that called forth the specificity of place. 

Renée Petropoulos, Marya Alford, Sojung Kwon, Manjulika O’Rourke, and Elena Rosa performed.