A Friendly Party in the Garden of Schindler: Three Performances for Routine Pleasures

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835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Steve Roden, Lucky Dragons, and Simon Leung presented new performances as part of the exhibition Routine Pleasures, organized by Michael Ned Holte. Each performance was a response to the site and the context of the exhibition but also a continuation of each artist’s ongoing work. Steve Roden began with a sound performance utilizing a grouping of modular synthesizers from his collection. Lucky Dragons continued their exploration of plural delectation, presenting poems in two voices. Concluding the program, Simon Leung returned to the theme of the train (in a nod to Jean-Pierre Gorin’s film which gave the exhibition its title) with a live/video work that mirrors his ongoing dialogue with Warren Niesłuchowski, the subject of his feature video War After War (2011).