3 Fireplaces and 2 Bathtubs

  • Exhibition
  • Residency Show

835 N Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Curated by MAK Center Residents Catrin Bolt, Oliver Croy, Marlene Haring, Robert Gfader and Deborah Ligorio. Materializing the spirit of cross-cultural exchange that is the inspiration for the residency program, the five residents each selected works discovered through their active immersion in the Los Angeles art scene. Acting as both curators and exhibition participants, the residents worked with local artists Steven Bankhead, Chris Bassett, Piero Golia, Skylar Haskard, Marc Herbst, Marie Jager, Myungwhan Lim, Earnest C. Merritt III, Joshua Mittleman, Arthur Ou, Wanda Smans, Christina Ulke and Eric Wesley. Seeking to shatter the formal solemnity of the house-museum, the residents inserted thrift store furniture into the house along with the art, engaging the Schindler House as one-time domestic space and present-day forum for the presentation of art. Formats included video, performance, photography, sculpture and collage.