1998 R.M. Schindler Residence Tour

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Greater Los Angeles

A self-driven tour presented rarely seen private homes and apartments in various states of conservation that spanned the career of R.M. Schindler: Sachs Apartments (1926-1928, 1934-1940), Grokowsky House (1928), Elliot House (1930), Yates Studio (1938, remodeled 1998), Falk Apartments (1939-1940), Roth House (1945), and Laurelwood Apartments (1946-1949). On November 6, the MAK Center offered a “Special Preview for Special Subscribers,” celebrating the publication of two books on R.M. Schindler by architect and professor Judith Sheine. The bilingual (EN / ES) publication R.M. Schindler: Works and Projects is published by Gustavo Gili, Barcelona and is available through the MAK Center bookstore.