Landscape architects re-imagine the gardens of a famed Schindler house

Lisa Boone, Los Angeles Times


If you want to see the imagination of landscape architects run wild, invite them to design an imaginary landscape for a Rudolph Schindler-designed home.

That’s what curators Mia Lehrer and the MAK Center’s Executive Director Priscilla Fraser have done for “Lush,” a new group exhibition for which designers have been asked to rethink the landscape of the Fitzpatrick-Leland House in Laurel Canyon.


The results are both practical and radical as design teams from Bestor ArchitectureSalt Landscape ArchitectsNaomi Sanders Landscape DesignSuperjacent and Terremoto consider not just 21st century gardening, but the sustainability of the California landscape.

Their ideas are presented at MAK’s headquarters, the Schindler House in West Hollywood, in such forms as an exploratory investigation wall, videos and writing.