The Schindler House is our headquarters and exhibitions center. The house is accessible by wheelchair. The entire property sits on the ground floor, accessible by a compact dirt driveway from the streetside. The main entry into the house is arrived at through a break in the hedge, with four pavers leading up to the front door. Most wheelchairs will not have an issue rolling over the the pavers, but please let us know if you need assistance. The terrain inside and outside the house varies between compact dirt, grass, and concrete, with approximately 1″ lift from one surface to the next.

All areas are accessible by wheelchair. All entries and corridors in the house measure 30″ in width or wider. For doorways that are under 30″, an alternate point of entry and access is always available. Bathrooms are not available for public use. We do not have designated parking areas, but visitors with accessibility needs can use the driveway for passenger loading and unloading.