DeSe Escobar: Winter Turns to Spring

  • Exhibition
  • Event
  • Salon

1137 S Cochran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

In Winter Turns to Spring, the second installment of the series of salon-style programs hosted by åyr at the Mackey Apartments, DeSe Escobar presented a multi-room elaboration on the intricacies and intimacies of getting ready with your sisters before a night out. Blending new drawings, sculptural works, and a mixtape, the presentation excavated post-Kardashian, post-instagram makeup culture, and finding glamour in sentimentality––or perhaps sentimentality in glamour.


DeSe Escobar is an NYC based artist. Her multimedia work discovers the relationships between pop culture, events and her personal experiences as a transgender female.


The åyr open house program at the Mackey Apartments was curated by artist-in-resident, Alessandro Bava (b. 1988). His multi-media work is about forms of shelter: spatial, personal, environmental, aesthetic, and social. Bava is the founder of the architecture and creative direction studio Bava and Sons, co-founder of the art collective åyr, and founding editor of the ecology magazine ECOCORE.