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Hollywood’s most unique suburban subdivision

Ideal climatic conditions. Raise your own garden products and live independently from congestions. No lot under 5000 square feet in size. Restrictions are reasonable and protective.

Big lots $100 to $350

Garden soil, water, electricity, roads, some trees. Improvements in and paid for. Charming location in foothill with view.

Suitable for small estates, weekend or suburban residencie. 21 miles or ½ hour drive to center of Hollywood over broad highway with 30ft of cement paving.

Park Moderne is owned by the American Holding Corporation.


åyr presented a body of research on digital urbanity developed during the MAK residency. Taking Calabasas as a case study of the artist role in urban changes, from Schindler’s 1928 designs for Park Moderne, to its current status as an enclave of social media influencers, åyr considered the American phenomenon of gated communities as an analog of algorithmically defined online communities, where shared interests and lifestyle coagulate urban and cultural geography.