Selected Press Coverage

A New Definition of Groundbreaking Architecture

Mike Fricano, UCLA Newsroom
Groundswell: Guerilla Architecture in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake illustrates that architecture can embody a devastated community’s resolve to restore its built environment, reshape its future and even mourn its dead.

Review: Tony Greene

Kate Wolf, Art in America
Titled after a 1988 photo assemblage of Greene's that conjoins a male nude with images of a domestic space, "Tony Greene: Room of Advances" was beautifully situated in the intimately scaled, materially spare MAK Center, the former home and studio of architect Rudolph M. Schindler.

Jimmy Goldstein Opens Up L.A.’s Most Beautiful Tennis Court to Gavin Rossdale, Timothy Olyphant, and the MAK Center

Julie Miller, Vanity Fair
High atop Los Angeles at the Sheats-Goldstein residence, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture hosted its second-annual MAK Games tennis tournament.

Does the Mojave desert need an artist-built swimming pool? Maybe

Carolina A. Miranda, Los Angeles Times
The art world loves a work of art that requires trekking to a remote location. There's "Spiral Jetty," one of the most iconic pieces of land art in existence, on the northern shores of the Great Salt Lake. New Mexico has "Lightning Field," Walter de Maria's installation of 400 stainless-steel poles that serves as minimal sculpture at most times, and a veritable light show during lightning storms. Now there's another piece to add to this list: "Social Pool," by Austrian artist Alfredo Barsuglia.

Tony Greene: Melancholy in paint, given new dimension at MAK Center

Sharon Mizota, Los Angeles Times
Tony Greene’s paintings look not so much painted as extruded. Impasto doesn’t even begin to describe the raised filigrees of flowers and other motifs layered over tinted photographs of tender young men, taxidermy stags and barren landscapes. Reminiscent of Victorian ironwork — a form that emulated nature even as the Industrial Revolution swept it away — Greene's paintings possess the same sense of nostalgia for a vanished world.

AV: Andrea Fraser and Vanessa Place at MAK Center

Julie Niemi, VIA Publication
Outside the sliding doors and concrete walls of West Hollywood’s MAK Center at the Schindler House, the rumbling drone of an 8-channel audio installation, mounted and hostilely invitational, spills onto the otherwise serene Chace Courtyard. The interior, despoiled of all objects–furniture, books, cooking utensil, exhibition documentation–houses AV, a series of two sound installations by artists Andrea Fraser and Vanessa Place.

Review: Andrea Fraser and Vanessa Place at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House

Sharon Mizota, Los Angeles Times
Andrea Fraser and Vanessa Place have filled the Schindler House, a landmark of 20th century modernism, with nothing but sound. Emptied of all but a few pieces of furniture, the house becomes both a setting and a listening device: an echo chamber reverberating with history and ideology.

City in a City

Katya Tylevich, domus
“City in a City”, an exhibition that concentrates on Steven Holl's large-scale urban projects and answers to problems of overpopulation, finds itself at ease sitting in the Schindler House, an environment that would seem its antithesis.

The First Annual MAK GAMES Raise Funds For The Center For Art And Architecture

Mayer Rus, Architectural Digest
Sizzling crosscourt forehands, Martin Margiela togs, barbecued ribs, fruit-infused Austrian beer, and oh so much avant-garde concrete. This was the delightfully offbeat scene at the first annual MAK Games, an invitational tennis tournament and cocktail party benefiting Los Angeles’s MAK Center for Art and Architecture.

MAK Center Hosts First Annual Tennis Tournament

Maxwell Williams, The Hollywood Reporter
The Oct. 26 event raised funds for the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, drawing Will Ferrell's auctioneer wife Viveca Paulin-Ferrell and LACMA curator Franklin Sirmans, among other gallerists and artists.

Press Releases

Erwin Wurm: One Minute Sculptures

Austrian artist Erwin Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures have influenced a generation of sculptors, though this body of work had not previously been shown at a major institution in Los Angeles. These inclusive and interactive works act simultaneously as off-the-cuff quips and radical reconsiderations of the major questions key to both sculpture and art viewing: how figures relate to their ground, how one inhabits space, and how simple acts of re-framing can alter perceptions.
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Spomenici revolucije – Marko Lulić / Sam Durant

Upon invitation to return to Los Angeles and work with any local practitioner of his choosing, Vienna-based former MAK Center artist-in-residence Marko Lulić reached out to L.A.-based artist Sam Durant—since the 1990s the two have found a promising overlap in the way their practices have used historical reference as part of their long-term, contemporary political engagements.
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Fictitious Tales about the History of Earth

Filmmaker James Benning joins former Artists-in-Residence Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch in considering the different approaches to the construction of historical narrative with Fictitious Tales about the History of Earth.
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R.M. Schindler: The Prequel– Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos, Otto Wagner, and the Modernist Debates of Early 20th Century Vienna

Curated by Christian Witt-Dörring, R.M. Schindler: The Prequel is an exhibition that contextualizes the landmark 1922 Kings Road House as a direct result of the debates playing out in Vienna Modernist circles from 1890–1914.
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A Vast Furniture

An installation by artist Carmen Argote
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Begin Again, Begin Again

Solo exhibition at the Schindler House by artist Renée Green
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Black Earth

In its sixth iteration, the MAK Center's Garage Exchange Vienna-Los Angeles exhibition series brings together former Artist-in-Residence Andreas Fogarasi and L.A. artist Oscar Tuazon on an original installation.
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Groundswell: Guerilla Architecture in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Frustrated by the slow and inept government response to this natural catastrophe, a number of architects took it upon themselves to address the trauma and rebuilding needs of area residents. Groundswell presents a number of their efforts as it engages the ongoing conversation of how architecture can serve communities following a natural disaster.
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Tony Greene: Room of Advances

Curated by artists Judie Bamber and Monica Majoli, the exhibition assembles the largest collection of Greene's works since an exhibition at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in 1991, the year following the artist's death from AIDS at age 35.
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City in a City: a Decade of Urban Thinking by Steven Holl Architects

This exhibition of the work of Steven Holl Architects presents six urban projects in China, designed with particular focus on shaping public space, natural green strategies, hybrid programs, structure and light.
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