Residency Program

The artists and architects for Group XLIV (April – September 2017) are Alessandro Bava, Luis Ortega Govela, and Octave Perrault, Anna Jermolaewa, and Alina Schmuch.

Alessandro Bava, Luis Ortega Govela, and Octave Perrault

Alessandro Bava, Luis Ortega Govela, and Octave Perrault are three of the four architects that make up the London-based collective åyr which is exploring the spatial ecology of contemporary Hollywood through the prism of the Kardashian family and their stronghold in Calabasas.

Anna Jermolaewa

Vienna-based artist Anna Jermolaewa works in video, photography, and installation. She is interested in historical traces in contemporary life, displaced persons and objects, and the poetics of everyday experience. In Los Angeles she is working on a project concerning Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein’s failure to make films after being invited to Hollywood by Paramount Studios in 1930.

Alina Schmuch

Berlin-based artist Alina Schmuch observes the recent shift from an exclusion of the body and emotions from the working space to a more inclusive approach. Researching the consequences of this development, she focuses on the reformulation of the social structure of companies and the blurring between private and professional space.